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Feasibility studies and yield estimation

Feasibility studies

Madison Bulgaria carries out feasibility studies related to the construction of PV parks. The analysis aims to propose specific options for the design of the future plant. It describes possible variants under the existing constraints of the area, focusing on efficiency maximization. The main objective is to rank certain variants according to their efficiency and to propose an optimal design. On the basis of site measurements we develop a three-dimensional model including close buildings, landscaping (trees, etc.), the horizon of the surrounding terrain and other objects that would shade the plant.


According to "Regulation № 14, 2005" of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works a yield estimation report should be provided in the project documentation of the future PV plant. The report aims to ascertain the economic feasibility of the investment. Data from this document may be requested by state authorities and private institutions such as banks. It is the basis for investment, loan and income planning.